Gateway Details

Gateway Details

Applicable for: All the Gateways

The Gateway Details page allows you to see relevant information about the Gateways that have been commissioned for your organization. 

What is a Gateway?

IQnext Gateway is the bridge between the IQnext cloud server and the sensor nodes network. The gateway wirelessly receives energy, occupancy, and other environmental data (depending on the type of hardware device) from the sensor nodes (luminaire integrated sensor, standalone sensor) and sends them to the IQnext cloud server. It also receives the control information (such as lighting rules, rule schedules, remote firmware upgrade, etc) from the IQnext cloud and manages the associated devices. It uses the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol for wireless communication and HTTP(S) for wired Ethernet.

View Commissioned Gateway Details

  1. Log-in to your IQnext account with Administrator Privileges 

  2. Go to Settings Gateway (under Device Management)

  3. The Gateways that have already been commissioned are listed here

  1. To view, any of the Gateway details click on that particular Gateway name.

  2. Now you will be able to see all the necessary information.

To view the Gateway location click on the map location icon  on the top right corner.

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