Network requirements for IQnext IoT Gateway

Network requirements for IQnext IoT Gateway

The IQnext gateway will send occupancy data to the cloud platform every 60 seconds. The gateway
only uses outbound HTTPS connections for this purpose. There will be no inbound connections/data
going to the IQnext gateway.

The gateway will send the data over HTTPS to the following destination
PORT: 443

The gateway needs to be configured with the IP address information.

Method 1:

It is preferred that a DHCP reservation be made for all gateways
(MAC addresses will be provided by the Synconext team).

Method 2:

A static IP address can be configured on the gateways.

The following pieces of information are required for configuring a static IP address for a gateway
(these will change based on the configuration of the network):
1. Static IPv4 address for that device
2. Subnet Mask for the network
3. Default Gateway (router address) for the network
4. DNS Server address

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