Interoperability between different protocols and communicating with IQnext Gateway

Interoperability between different protocols and communicating with IQnext Gateway


Due to the variety of devices that operate over different protocols, there are off-the-shelf protocol converters available that provide the ability to convert one protocol to another. 

For example, an energy meter may communicate over Modbus RTU and another HVAC sub-system may operate on BACnet MSTP. Therefore a converter is used to bring them all into a single protocol, which is BACnet/IP. Once the devices are on BACnet/IP, the IQnext Gateway discovers these devices seamlessly.  

A typical architecture is shown below for reference.


Typical Applications Examples of Convertor

Example 1: Reading data from Power Meters on Modbus TCP network and sending this data on BACnet IP.
Solution: Using Modbus TCP – BACnet IP converter. 



Example 2: Reading data from UPS system that provide data on SNMP network and sending this data on BACnet IP.

Solution: SNMP Gateway is a great solution to enable two way communication between




1. Content your controls vendor or system integrator to setup the devices to communicate on the BACnet/IP
2. It is important that the IQnext gateway and the convertor are on the same subnet network. Contact your IT admin. 

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